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Toddler Play: Egg Smash Painting

Egg Smash Painting has been one of the best activities I've done to date with my 2.5 year old. Although it finished quite quickly it was just so much fun, and we now have the end masterpiece hanging in our living room. The one drawback to this activity is that it does need some acquiring of egg shells, enough to make this a meaningful activity, and it could take you up to 2 weeks to get enough eggs, depending on how many eggs you consume on a daily basis. We did this with 12 eggs shells which I'd say is probably the minimum.

You will need:

  • empty egg shells
  • paint
  • water (preferably washable as this is messy)
  • paper

When collecting your egg shells be mindful of how you crack them, you want to save as much of the shell as possible, so try and crack as close to the top as you can.

Once you have your empty egg shells, wash them out with soap and water and fill them with around 1.5 tbsps of paint, adding around 1 tbsp of water in each one and mixing with the thin end of a spoon or a stick.

Set up a large sheet of paper on a solid surface. I taped mine first to cardboard, using an old cardboard box, to prevent the paper from getting too soggy, and then taped the whole thing to my garage. You can use any flat surface, but this activity is MESSY, so outside and as close as possible to a hose is best, so you can quickly wash away the paint after.

Set up your egg station and FIRE! Smash the eggs against the paint and watch it splatter away creating a beautiful piece of art. 

Pro Tip - your eggs may not fully smash and just fall to the floor, leaving lots of paint in them, so re-smash again. 





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