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Easter Activity Ideas

If COVID-19 taught me anything, it was the necessity to celebrate all the small things. To bake cakes for absolutely no damn reason, to do the messy play despite the cleaning up, to decorate the house even for a teddy bear's birthday. Because, in the end, life is all about the small things. With that said and Easter weekend just around the corner, we've rounded up a list of out go-to favourite activities, most of which are pretty straightforward with minimal planning time. We hope you have a beautiful Easter weekend!

Classic Easter Egg Hunt

There is nothing more fun on Easter morning than an Easter Egg hunt around the house or garden. To make it extra memorable, you can buy or make a little easter basket, some props such as Easter headbands to get everyone in the mood, and even create a little playlist whilst the hunt is going on. You can do a variety of chocolate eggs and normal non-edible eggs, you can add clues to make it more of a treasure hunt, you can add some "special" eggs in there such a gold foil eggs (Marks and Spencer has a great selection of these).


Egg Painting

In many art and craft stores, you can find some paper eggs that you can decorate with paint, crayons, glitter, stick-on eyes, jewels. Set up an arts and crafts station in the garden, and get creative! Daiso have a great selection of eggs both wooden and paper that can be painted, some even come in a cute little egg carton box.


Easter Cooking Class

There are lots of kids cooking classes around once you start searching for them. Our top pick for those in the city are from Mamalu's Kitchen, who are hosting an Easter Bonaza cooking class for ages 4-12 years and an Easter Around The World Class. It's getting booked up fast, so book early.


Blooming Egg Hunt

Using some plastic eggs and pipe cleaners, plant these in your garden and get your little ones to uproot them.


Easter Egg Eggstravaganza

Hide your plastic or wooden eggs around the house or garden, and fill them with quiz questions! For example: name three red vegetables, do a handstand, sing Intsy Bitsy Spider. Once they've completed the task, they can either get a toy or candy - you decide! 

Skip the Candy: Easter Egg Hunt For Rewards

Hide a number of plastic eggs around the house or garden, and instead of any chocolate or candy, place a written reward on a small slip of paper inside each one: stay up for an extra hour, movie night on Saturday, chocolate milk at breakfast, go get an ice cream- you get the idea. This idea is great, because it can last far beyond Easter, extending the magic and fun.  

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Write written clues all over the house, that lead to one grand finale prize. You can start in the kitchen, head to the living room, cross all the bedrooms - you see where I'm going here. This makes for a nice long activity, without the focus on chocolate or candy for the duration of the hunt until the very end.


Egg Counting Game

For any pre-schooler currently learning numbers and counting, this is a great way to incorporate some maths and play. Set up little buckets around the garden, filled with various numbers of eggs and get your pre-schooler to count the eggs. You can also do number sorting - set up buckets with number stickers on them, and get your pre-schooler to fill the buckets with that number of eggs.


Shaving Cream Easter Eggs Craft Activity

This is a super fun and easy crafts activity - all you need are some plain craft eggs (available at most craft stores, and Daiso), shaving cream and some food colouring. Head to Crafty Morning for the full tutorial.


Bunny Plate Craft Activity

These adorable plates are made with only a handful of simple stationary products. If you're looking for a fun crafts idea that's relatively easy, then this one is for you.


Easter Egg Savoury Board

To create the most beautiful Easter spread, your table needs this bunny inspired snack board. They're super easy to re-create and you can make them as colourful as you want


Egg Smash Painting

Having an Easter play date and want a fun activity? Look no further - egg smash painting is the one. I've written about this great little activity before, as it's one of our favourites. It does require a little bit of prep though. Spend around a week saving egg shells, but not just any egg shell, you need to make sure you crack the egg as close to the tip as possible, so that there is only a small whole in the shell. Once you've collected around 20 eggs, you're ready for Egg Smash! Simply wash out the shells, fill them with paint, stick a large canvas or paper on an outdoor wall, throw and smash! Super fun, and the end result is actually pretty cool. Our egg smash painting has been hanging in our living room for close to a year now!


Easter Bunny Fruit Platter

There are so many fun foods, but if you're looking for something fun and healthy, then try this easter bunny fruit platter. It will certainly make a statement on any centre table. 


Rainbow Egg Buntings

Another fun arts and crafts idea, is to create these beautiful buntings. All you need are some paper eggs available from Daiso or most arts and crafts stores, and paint them in rainbow colours. Glue a little string to the top, and hang them all on one thick piece of string - then decorate the house or garden.


Rice Crispy Nests

There are so many fun Easter foods you can recreate, but let's be honest, most look pretty daunting and complicated. But these Rice Crispy Nests are pretty easy. With just chocolate, puffed rice and some mini-eggs, they're a no-brainer and definitely guaranteed to please the kids. Best of all, you can get the kids involved.


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