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Travelling With Baby For The First Time? This is The List You Need

Don't be overwhelmed by the length of this list - we've included even the most basic things that are so easy to forget!

For the Hand Luggage:

  • The bottle feeds you will need for the flight - keep them in a separate zip lock bag easily accessible and clearly labelled with a corresponding labelled milk dispenser, I recommend the Phillips Avent milk dispenser 
  • An extra bottle feed in case required for take off or landing (I usually prepare a 3oz bottle). Remember - you can always ask the cabin crew to put your bottle in a bowl of hot water, if you’re baby likes a warm bottle feed. 
  • A zip lock bag with any solid feeds 
  • A zip lock bag with all required cutlery for the flight and preferably a disposable bib
  • Easily accessible wipes (you'll need a LOT)
  • Extra socks - babies seem to really move around a lot on flights and you'll be shocked when you see their dirty socks at the end of it
  • Extra change of clothes to change into before landing if necessary or if any spills occur
  • Hat and/or scarf if necessary for landing
  • Cardigan and/or jacket for landing - airports can be pretty breezy
  • Baby bottle or Sippy Cup with sterilised water
  • Baby blanket and muslin to cover any carry cot or seat
  • Bibs 
  • Pacifier 
  • Extra nappies and nappy sacks (I recommend taking 3 more nappies than you think you'll need)
  • Portable nappy changer (complete with a pack of wipes, mini soap and nappies - this is KEY for changing on a flight, without lugging a huge baby bag into a tiny space - changing a baby on a plane is not the easiest!)
  • Miracle swaddle 
  • Baby toys
  • International adapter and phone charger
  • Red Book / Vaccine record book
  • Medicine pouch
  • A baby snack - can also serve as a distraction or for teething, I recommend Organix

Having travelled with both my babies as early as 4/5 weeks old, I've realised that the trick to a successful flight (I say successful in the lightest sense) is to be supremely organised. With limited space to manoeuvre and with a baby in your arms the whole time, you will need to have your go-to's accessible and easily recognisable. Zip lock bags and labels will really prove wonders. As soon as I sit down in my seat on a plane, the key things I will take out of my baby bag so that they are easy to reach when I need them are: the milk feeds, water bottle, solid feeds and cutlery, pack of water wipes and a portable baby changer. Those are the essentials.

Now, for the Main Suitcase:

  • Grooming Kit - complete with hair comb and nail clippers - baby's nails grow at the speed of light
  • Bath toys, body wash, shampoo and inflatable bath - if baby is too small to use a tub. I found inflatable baths so amazing to travel with given they come with a pump and take minimal time to blow up and minimal space in a suitcase
  • Moisturiser and any body cream
  • Travel cot and cot covers - if you're planning on using a hotel cot and want to be extra safe, I recommend taking your own swaddle to cover the hotel sheets and sanitising the cot
  • Dettol wipes for sanitising and Baby wipes
  • Medicine Kit - complete with thermometer, plasters and your go-to medicines for fevers, coughs and colds
  • Nappies and nappy sacks - we also used to travel with kitchen roll, which was always so much better for cleaning up any unwanted bathroom explosions
  • Sippy cup, baby spoon (depending on the age of your baby, you may prefer a soft silicone spoon versus a metal spoon for feeding), plate for food, zip lock bags for food or bottles in the go or to pack anything dirty
  • Formula powder if necessary (enough for at least a week more than you need just to be on the safe side), formula dispenser for the journey, extra baby bottles, a mini flask for when you need hot sterile water to make up the bottle when you’re out and about 
  • Bottle steriliser, bottle brushes and soap to clean your bottles
  • Sun cream, Evian water spray to keep baby cool and sun hat if you’re going somewhat hot
  • Beach toys, swimming nappies and beach floats if required, as well as slip on fabric beach/swim shoes and swim suit, you may also want to take your own baby towel
  • Daily clothes, muslins, babygrows and vests as well as an extra baby blanket - the one in your hand luggage may get dirty
  • Everyday toys and books
  • Teething toys, toothbrush and baby toothpaste
  • All the things required for hand luggage for the journey back home






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