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This Passage on Motherhood Could Not Be More Accurate

I came across this poem on Instagram and was instantly struck by the writer's ability to so acutely express the feelings of motherhood, the joy and the sadness amongst all the other feels. It sat with me long after I read it, and I know I will think of it on days where the tiredness or frustration seems to get the better of me.

"This year it's my hand you hold.

It's my arms you fall into.

I'm the one you look to when you're proud of something, or when you seek comfort.

I'm the one who can change your mood by singing a song or knowing how to make you giggle.

I'm the keeper of your achievements and vulnerabilities.

I'm the open book that has pages waiting to be filled with our adventures.

As we fill them up together, you'll be growing.

Year by year.

The chapter of just us will suddenly come to an end.

Before I know it, someone else's hand will take my place and you'll be looking back at me and waving goodbye.

Your new safe place will be them, and I'll love them too for that very reason.

I'll be proud of how you treat them, knowing you were always shown love here.

You may leave this home with an empty room, but with a heart that could never be so full.

All of a sudden, your big hands will steady mine instead.

And when they do, I'll always remember that little hand of yours, the one that reached out for mine.

And fit so perfectly."

Jess Urlichs' poems are available in Prints on Etsy here.



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