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The Little Joys of Newborn Days (and Nights)

I came across this on Instagram yesterday and read it over and over again. It's funny to read things that describe the phase you are in, in life in real time, right as you read it. It resonates differently. Deeply. You feel overcome by this sense that life is just such a passing phase of moments. Moments we all go through in some form or another. It is beautiful. 

The little Joys of Newborn Days (and Nights) by @theleoparduk

Post-birth tea and toast. The love from skin-to-skin. The newborn scent you wish you could bottle.

That Oxytocin buzz. Little fingers, little toes. Who do you think they look like?

Tiny vests fresh from the wash. Sleepy sofa cuddles. Boxset binges. Wind or smile? Chocolate snacks at 2am.

Stretchy clothes. Massive knickers. That all-consuming love.

Please speed this up, it's all so tough. Please slow this down, it's going too fast. 

That first push of the pram on a sunny day. Stroking heads. Holding hands. Unexpected gifts from friends. Drive-thru coffee.

Successful naps. The long awaited taste of sushi, brie, a glass of fizz.

Baby milk breath on your cheek. A heartbeat on your chest.

Feeling tearful, feeling proud, feeling overwhelmed.

Knowing you are superwoman, through the good days and the bad.





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