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Teething - What We Can Do To Ease The Pain

Teething is one of those waves that you just have to ride out. Although there are a lot of products on the market, in my experience few have worked consistently well, one day Sophie Le Giraffe is in, one day she could not be more out, one day Teetha works well, the next day nothing works - that's pretty much how it has been for us when it comes to Teething. And we've tried a lot. But when your baby is in agonising pain, it is worth having a few of the "best" products ready to hand, and so here is a round-up of some of the most effective:

Teetha Granules 

Bonjela Teething Gel or Dentiknox Teething Gel

Bickiepegs - for me this really has been one of the most effective teething products around

Plastic hair bands - sounds crazy, but I offer every single teething product and all baby wants is this hair-tye. Whether it was merely a distraction from the pain, or actually effective at reducing the pain, these hair-tyes have always worked well for us 

Silicone Teething toy - there are lots of variations of these on the market. Put these in the freezer and they are a game-changer. Although, in my experience, they don't warrant more than 10 minutes of focus (at max), but I can tell they are temporarily soothing nevertheless

I omitted the popular Sophie La Girafe from this list as it hasn't worked for either of my kids. Some people do swear by it, but in my case it was a fail. 






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