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Welcome to our world of thoughtfully crafted and high quality personalised items for children and families. Born from a heartfelt desire to bring joy and long lasting memories to your loved ones. I am Roshni, mum of three and Founder of Little IA.

Many people ask me what spurred the desire to create Little IA. And it's actually a funny story. Shortly after my daughter was born, I received the same personalised blanket from four well-meaning friends. But within a few weeks, the blanket was in tatters once it had been washed several times, owing to its poor composition. Determined to create something more enduring, more gentle for delicate newborn skin and more unique, I embarked on a journey to design and create items that parents and children could treasure for many years to come. And our very first collection was released the same week my third child was born. 

With a commitment to attention to detail, we design items that are highly functional as well as beautiful in design. We work with materials, that are eco-friendly, organic and non-toxic wherever possible. And over time, we have perfected the art of Personalisation, using different methods to ensure the look and permanence are considered. 

What started as a quest for thoughtful gifting items has now expanded to include everyday essentials, whether it is to prevent loss at nursery or school, or generate a sense of pride, ownership and independence in a child when they see their name on their very own item. Our focus on functionality and beauty of design has taken our items into retail stores all over the world.

 That feeling of pure joy I see when children and family members open their items, is what ignites this passion, and drives me to keep building this beautiful community we have created. Join us in celebrating the magic of personalised moments, we are only just getting started!

Roshni Khemlani Mehta




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