Our Social Mission

I started getting involved with several Kids Charities around the time of my son’s First Birthday. Like with most first-borns, the amount we had accumulated in that short year was a lot. And it was definitely fair to say that my son, at the very small age of one, certainly did not need more toys. Following the lead of another friend in the community who inspired me, I decided to do a charity initiative instead, requesting donations to my chosen charity in place of a lovely gift. Being on social media as a new mum is a series of endless rabbit holes, you’re suddenly looking at a teething toy, and end of up on a page devoted to the indigenous tribes of the Amazon. We all know the drill. On one such occasion, I came across a charity called Little Hills, based in Rwanda who were building the country’s first children’s hospital. With one paediatrician to every 68,000 children, the statistics were mind blowingly dismal, and I knew I could not just read this and go back to life as usual without stepping into help, however small. Raising money for Little Hills became our First Birthday initiative, and this initiative has now become an annual tradition with both my kids. And I encourage you all to try a similar initiative with your kids, teaching them as early as possible that they are never too young to make a difference. 

Fast forward a little, I have now discovered so many small and beautiful charities and non-profit organisations around the world that are working tirelessly in very different ways, but all with one common goal - to improve the happiness and lives of the children around us. And there is no better mission that that.

As part of our Company's mission, we pledge to give a donation from every  single order that is placed on this site to a charity that is working above and beyond, often with small and limited budgets, to create a better, kinder more compassionate world for all children and give them the happiest possible experience of life.



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