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About Us

 I believe everyone in life has an experience that transforms them. An experience that shakes you from your core and makes you question everything you believe.

For me, that happened when I became a mother.

Through experiencing this devouring all consuming love, what ensued was a wave of new thinking. I saw love, innocence, purity, in a way I had never really appreciated before - it has been surreally beautiful. But in the early days, there were dark moments too. New motherhood was both exhilarating and exhausting, deeply fulfilling but also isolating, there were daily joys and also aches, and learning to live with the dichotomy of the two gave me a strength of spirit and a resilience in life I never could have had if I hadn't experienced it. Being a new mother threw me into the depths of my own humanity, revealing principles of the universe I now abide by and know to be true: 

Mindset is everything, happiness is always a choice, and nothing truly succeeds a compassionate and deeply empathetic heart. This new essence pervaded into my senses as a human, as a mother and as an entrepreneur. And when deciding to create an offering for the tiny little humans in our lives, through a spin-off from our parent company IZAAK AZANEI, I hoped that through this platform, we could not only create beautiful clothes, but also engage in global conversation on issues relevant to our children, our humanity and our world, inspiring compulsion in others to do something about it.

 At Little IA, we stand for three core values:

Accessibility, Craftsmanship and Social Impact.

We strive to create with beautiful, high quality materials, without inflated margins. We work with third generation family businesses, who instill strong ethical practices, using organic, chemical-free, ethically sourced materials and sustainable processes, wherever we can. We give back from every single order that is placed online to a children's related charity, with a commitment towards improving the lives of children all over the world because every child deserves the same access to the opportunities that you would wish for your own child.

I hope that through Little IA, we can work towards building a kinder, more compassionate world for our future generations. Understanding truly, that no one has the power to determine the circumstances into which they are born, but you do have the capacity to try and change the circumstances somebody is born into. And that is where the real power lies.

Come with us on our journey, we're just getting started.



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