About The Scoop

Welcome to the home of the Little Izaak Azanei Blog aka The Mama Scoop!
The Mama Scoop came about as a place to organise our information - and when you're a mum, there is a LOT of information. Our aim for this little corner of the internet is to create a carefully refined and curated space of 'go-to's' be it a toddler activity or a book that changed our life. Here you will find the absolute best, tried and tested, in a way that is accessible and digestable. 

For all of you that are mothers, you will know better than anyone else that the kind of love that arises from being a mother, is one that de-centres the self. Your thoughts, priorities, values, all start to shift so suddenly you that you don't even realise or remember who you were before. There is something otherworldly about it. That fierce, warrior-like, protective and all encompassing love, that descends to you instinctively. Where you pray for someone's happiness before your own. And for a love like that, there are no words. 

To this end, launching Little IA has been without a doubt the most fulfilling moment of my career so far. And taking our kids on this journey with us is the biggest reward – I know my children are going to feel pretty gangster when they realise in 20 years time that they were regulars at Paris Fashion Week before they had a school schedule. 

In a world where there is a total overload of information and social media, the need for another blog is a questionable one. I am well aware of that fact. However, one thing about our community stands out for me – and that’s the genuine interest I’ve seen in not just the clothes but in the learning and development, the books, the expert talks and the focus on wellness. I know these things have certainly got me through the journey of motherhood so far. And it is that added focus on the whole totality of what makes every woman that defying force in her child’s life - the anchor and the rock in their household - that I hope Little Izaak Azanei is able to differentiate itself by. I hope this space helps you on your journey of wellness and discovery alongside your journey of motherhood, and is able to combine these together in an encompassing way. A personal favourite page is You Got This - filled with so many beautiful, inspiring and eye-opening passages that feed and nourish the soul more than any dish. 

Feel free to reach out and let me know what you would like to be covered here. This space is always for you and I look forward to connecting with you along the journey.
R x




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