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When I became a mother for the first-time, like so many others, I was overwhelmed with the love that I had for this tiny little being before me. The early days were exhausting, sometimes consuming, but I remember vividly on those 4am sleepless nights where I’d go to cradle my baby back to sleep, I’d often catch my son staring deeply into my eyes, and as I gazed straight back into his whilst the whole world was sleeping, there was a moment of electrifying magic. It is a feeling known to so many mothers but so hard to put into words. It was as if in that moment, my child staring right back at me so peacefully yet so alert, studying my face, knew everything about me. It was moments like these that made me believe that children are wiser than we could possibly imagine, and if we watch and listen carefully enough, we can learn so much about the world from them.
When I became a mother for the first-time, the values I had shifted and I knew deep within my heart that I wanted to do all that I could to be the best example for my child so that my child grew up with values of compassion, kindness, respect and humility. I saw how much I could do to alter my child’s environment in order to create a loving space, one in which he felt safe and supported, cared for and loved. And it occurred to me in the midst of trying to give my child all that I could in order for him to flourish, is that there were so many children out there that were not getting the same opportunities through no fault of their own. We have no control over what circumstances we are born into, but we do have control to try and improve the circumstances of others who need it.   
I started getting involved with several Kids Charities around the time of my son’s First Birthday. Like with most first-borns, the amount you accumulate in that first year is a LOT. It was definitely fair to say that my son, at the very small age of one, certainly did not need more toys. Following the lead of another friend in the community who inspired me, I decided to do a charity initiative instead, requesting donations to my chosen charity in place of a lovely gift. Being on social media as a new mum is a series of endless rabbit holes, you’re suddenly looking at a teething toy, and end of up on a tour of Harriet’s hotel bathroom in the Maldives. We all know the drill. On one such occasion, I came across a beautiful charity called Little Hills, based in Rwanda who were building the country’s first children’s hospital. With one paediatrician to every 68,000 children, the statistics were mind blowingly dismal, and I knew I needed to step into help in some way however small. This became our First Birthday initiative. And I encourage you all to try a similar initiative with your kids! Through teaching our kids by example, they are able to learn compassion for others and that through their own power they can do incredible things.
Fast forward a little, I have now discovered so many small and beautiful charities and non-profit organisations around the world that are working tirelessly in very different ways, but all with one common goal – to improve the happiness and lives of the children around us. And there is no better mission that that.
As part of our Company's mission, we pledge to give a donation from every single order that is placed on this site. And we want you - our customer - to be very much involved in the process, through empowering you to choose where you would like your particular donation to go to. Our aim is to have several charities that we work with on a rotational basis, so that we can try and build awareness to as many as we can. When checking out, you will be given the option to select which charity you would like us to donate to for your particular order.
For 2020, we will be supporting the following:
Hannah creates care packages called ‘Happy Bundles’ for children with Cancer, Down Syndrome and Autism.  Inside these care packages are a range of things designed to give its user a smile – things included are crayons, stickers, mini-games and activity books. Since starting this in 2015, she has sent over 250 Happy Bundles to children.  
Jad’s Inclusion is the result that evolved from the frustration and struggles faced by a mother of a child with autism (Jad) who had been rejected admission by 22 schools in Dubai. When finally accepted in one, it took a couple of years to realise that he didn’t belong there. Rana Akkad, Jad’s mother, decided to take drastic action to fill the gap between special needs and mainstream school and in 2012, she began the process of opening a top-notch school, whose mission would be to embrace children like her son Jad and offer them the opportunity and education they deserve. In October 2016, Jad’s Inclusion was launched. Sadly, on 3 August 2018, Jad unexpectedly passed away in his sleep. As devastating as it was for the family, Rana’s motivation to continue her journey amplified considerably as she now saw it as a calling and is making it her life’s mission to keep her son Jad’s legacy alive. 
The tipping point to start Morgan’s Wonderland occurred in 2005 when Gordon observed Morgan, his daughter, wanting to play with other vacationing kids at a hotel swimming pool, but the kids were leery of Morgan and didn’t want to interact with her. Then and there, Gordon resolved to create opportunities and places where those with and without disabilities can come together not only for fun but also for a better understanding of one another. That led to the construction of Morgan’s Wonderland. When it celebrated its grand opening on April 10, 2010, Morgan’s Wonderland became the world’s first theme park designed with special-needs individuals in mind and built for everyone’s enjoyment. The completely wheelchair-accessible park features more than 25 elements, including rides, playgrounds, and other colourful attractions. From the very beginning, anyone with a special need has been admitted free of charge.


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