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Jad's Inclusion

Jad’s Inclusion

Jad’s  Inclusion is the result that evolved from the frustration and struggles  faced by a mother of a child with autism (Jad) who had been rejected  admission by 22 schools in Dubai. When finally accepted in one, it took a  couple of years to realise that he didn’t belong there. Rana Akkad,  Jad’s mother, decided to take drastic action to fill the gap between  special needs and mainstream school and in 2012, she began the process  of opening a top-notch school, whose mission would be to embrace  children like her son Jad and offer them the opportunity and education  they deserve. In October 2016, Jad’s Inclusion was launched. Sadly, on 3  August 2018, Jad unexpectedly passed away in his sleep. As devastating  as it was for the family, Rana’s motivation to continue her journey  amplified considerably as she now saw it as a calling and is making it  her life’s mission to keep her son Jad’s legacy alive.



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