Welcome to 'You Got This' - This is all for the Mamas

The thought process behind this section of the blog was simple. More often than not, mothers doubt themselves. We think we aren't doing enough, we struggle with whether we are doing the right thing, recognising the weight of our responsibility and our ability to alter the course of our children's lives. We're tired, so tired, and the overwhelming chaos of it all can sometimes be taxing, especially in the early days. Becoming a mother is a lot to deal with. More often than not, mother's struggle with the physical and mental balance of it all.

This section is for you. It is to show you, that every mother around the world has at one point felt whatever it is you are feeling right now. It is to show you, that this journey is hard. It's just hard. Plain and simple. Some days will be easy, breezy and so damn beautiful. Others will make you crawl into a toilet, just for 5 minutes of peace. We have all been there. 

Here, we round up a collection of our favourite pick-me-ups. Beautiful letters and pieces, that make you feel understood more than anything.

These days can be long, they can be exhausting, but one thing I know for sure is that they fly faster than ever. And one day, you will miss more than ever, where you are right now. 

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