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Post-Partum Essentials List

Having been through the process of delivery three times now and having had extremely different experiences all three times, I finally feel ready to write a complete post-partum essentials list - and luckily, it's not actually that long and complicated. After my first delivery, I was overwhelmed to say the least. Everything was new, I had no idea how I was supposed to feel, or how my body was supposed to feel. After my second delivery, I had a better idea but the delivery was so extremely opposite to my first delivery that I was still in a weird kind of post-partum haze. After my third delivery, I finally felt reasonably in control and prepared. I had a lot more time to think about how my body may feel and the types of products I’d want to use or try to aide my recovery and make the whole experience more pleasant. I was very well aware of the importance of self-care and making things as comfortable as possible, and so I made a conscious effort to buy the things I felt I would want on top of what I’d already used for my two previous deliveries. So here you have it - a comprehensive list following three deliveries over a 3.5 year period. I hope you find it useful! Please note, this is fully unsponsored!

Tena Lady Pro-Skin Pants - also on my hospital essentials list, this is absolutely at the top of my post-partum essentials list! And a must-have right after delivery. They are essentially adult diapers and are just so seamless and easy following delivery. Much more comfortable than using a sanitary pad, with very little risk of leakage. The last thing you want post delivery is blood leakages all over your clothes - who needs more mess, it’s already a messy situation down there. I’ve used these for all three deliveries and still consider it my absolute number one. They run quite big (I used a size M). I bought 1 pack of 10 to the hospital, and changed it every few hours. I typically use these for the first 10 days, and then switch to sanitary pads.

Frida Mom Prerineal Witch Hazel Liners - infused with witch hazel, known for its cooling and healing properties, this is something I tried after my third delivery. If you have a vaginal birth and experience any sort of tear or stitches, these liners are incredibly soothing. They instantly cool everything and remain cool for a good 45 minutes. The Frida Mom range also include ice pads, and a perineal foam cleanser. I did use the foam cleanser but did not find any significant benefit from it, however if you’re keen to try the full range they do a post-partum kit that includes everything.

Donut pillow - if you’ve had a tear or an episiotomy and are finding it very painful down there, this donut pillow is a game-changer for the first 10 days post delivery. Available at most local pharmacies or on Amazon, I used it only after my first delivery, when I had an episiotomy. I could not sit down without it.

Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle - also referred to as a "mom washer", this was another game changing product for me which I used directly after my third delivery in hospital and have added to my hospital essentials list. This is essentially a hand-held portable bidet. Post delivery, everything is a little sore down there and the last thing you want to do is pat dry with tissue, especially if you've had stitches. So using this was so much easier and I wish I had known about it from my first delivery!

Belly Bandit Compression leggings - it’s a personal choice if and when you want to start wearing compression underwear and leggings. I always felt quite comfortable wearing them as everything feels a little loose post delivery, and these provide a lot of support for your abdomen. I personally prefer Spanx and Leggings to the waist trainers. The Velcro belly bandit which is very popular did not really work for me. I much preferred something high waist that stayed in place.

Stool softeners - going to the bathroom can be incredibly daunting after delivery. These will likely make the whole experience easier and can be bought from any pharmacy. For my first delivery this was key! Speak to your doctor beforehand if you want more information. These are available over the counter. 

Super soft Pyjamas with buttons - right after delivery you'll be able to change out of your hospital gown and into something comfortable. If you are breastfeeding, you will need something that you can easily open, and so comfy PJs and Nightdresses with buttons are key. It's also a mood changer to have some super soft and nice to wear after delivery. I can't recommend these Eberjay PJs enough, they're buttery soft, and allow easy access for breastfeeding. For the hospital, because you'll be changing your disposable underwear frequently, I've always preferred a nightdress, this one was perfect. The Skims PJs are also deliciously soft.

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