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Fresh Fruit Ice Lollies with the Perfect Twist

I LOVE this recipe. It's fun to do, you can get your kids involved, it's healthy and it is just a great toddler snack. You can use any fruit you want and chop it up in anyway you like. As my little ones are still petty young I like to keep the fruit nice and small, and my little twist is to use Coconut Water instead of regular water for the ice lolly. My favourite Coconut Water without a doubt it this one from Organic Source, which is often pink in colour due to the antioxidants in it. I found there is a huge variety in quality of coconut water, and would without a doubt recommend going for the most natural and freshest kind, as the taste incomparably better. Make your ice-lollies fun, and find moulds of different shapes. I used my Penguin moulds from Tavola to make these. 




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