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Baby Play: Our Favourite Activities

With hundreds of arts and crafts activities circulating the world wide web right now given we are all pretty much home bound, if you have a little one under the age of one, it can sometimes feel like there are hardly any activities relevant for them. With a 2.5 year old and a 9 month old in the house, trust me, I feel the weight of the lack of options on a daily basis. This has just encouraged me to be more inventive and come up with activities through the help of the amazing mummy bloggers out there. We all know the obvious tummy-time, soft toys, rattles and reading, so here is a round up of our favourite CREATIVE activities, appropriate for 6 months +

Edible Yogurt Painting

Sensory Bottles

Smush Painting

Ice Play

Five Minute Taste Safe Foam

Sensory Bags






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