Toddler Play: Build a Bug

I'm all about setting up little play stations for your toddler. In my experience, this allows for significantly more focused play time and provides a lot more initial interest in the activity. When I say a "play station" I mean creating an enticing space, complete with all the frills. For example, instead of giving a piece of play-dough to your toddler, present it on a tray filled with beads, stickers, buttons, pipe cleaners - all neatly organised, which makes it more like a 'station' as opposed to just play-dough. 

In a similar way, I came across this Build a Bug activity on the Homeschool Giveaways Blog. And the reason why I think this is a great activity is because it provides a neat little play station, which I know my toddler would find exciting, filled with the utensils (scissors and glue), different coloured paper in different shapes, you can add on buttons or eye stickers, and use anything you have around the house they may be useful. 

You will need:

  • scissors
  • glue
  • coloured paper
  • sticker / beads / pipe cleaner (optional)

For original link to the activity, click here

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